The Hasenburg is one of the oldest restaurants in Basel and has existed for over 120 years. The building itself was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1356 and is almost 700 years old.

More than 250 years ago, Maria Magdalena Leopard ran a “coffee house” which she sold to Mr. Emanuel Mieg in 1768. After several changes of hands, the “coffee house” was closed around 1854.

Since 1850, in the house next door Imbergässlein 2, existed a “Local Inn”, which had to be closed in 1893 for structural reasons. The license of the “Local Inn” was then transferred to the neighboring house and the Hasenburg was born. The first owner was a certain Louis Phillipp Schlienger-Berlinger. After several changes of hands, the Hasenburg is now owned by the Rieder family for more than half a century and is still a “real family business”.

In our very small kitchen on the 1st floor we prepare typical Swiss cuisine and modern seasonal dishes. We cook fresh, use regional produce and refain from convenience products. We make all our sauces, smoked salmon, desserts and ice cream ourselves.